Hi! 👋 I'm Fabrizio Rinaldi. I design amazing apps at Bending Spoons, I'm building Boxy Suite and I've made a short film

iOS App
I designed

30 Day Fitness

One of the most popular fitness apps on the App Store, 30 Day Fitness represented one the most challenging projects for me. As a solo UI designer working on this app, I took the original interface to the next level by redesigning it from the ground up and rethinking the whole user experience with my team at Bending Spoons. The app has been subsequently featured by Apple in more than a hundred countries.

Short Film 2015
I produced, wrote and directed


Encounter is a crowdfunded sci-fi short film I've written and directed. It's my debut short film and it's been distributed in international film festivals like VIFF. It's been shot on a RED Epic in the South of Italy. If you want to see it just ask.

Mac app 2015 - NOW
I co-founded and design


Boxy is the best Inbox by Gmail client, available on the Mac App Store. I co-created it with Francesco Di Lorenzo, the developer, and I curated from the start the product design, marketing and social media presence. I also created the official website and I give customer support. The app has been downloaded more than 30k times.

Short Film 2016
I executive produced, co-wrote and edited

Il Prof. di Filosofia by Gaetano Narducci

Short film directed by Gaetano Narducci, winner of Foggia Student Film Fest 2016. It's about a casual encounter between a Philosophy professor and young, smartphone addicted, student.

Short Film 2016
I edited

Terra Arcobaleno by Roberto Moretto

Short documentary directed by Roberto Moretto (also executive producer of my short film Encounter), on the "Pride" movement that took place in Foggia, our town. There was a huge amount of footage, the editing process was definitely exciting and fun.

Short film2015
I was the cinematographer, editor and VFX artist for

Umbra by Carlo Fenizi

Umbra is a short film directed by Carlo Fenizi, written with Maria Antonietta Di Pietro. It's set in “Foresta Umbra”, a beautiful forest in Gargano land. "Umbra" means shadowy and for a reason: shooting in the dark forest proved to be challenging indeed.

Documentary 2014
I was the editor for

Ritorno a Vico by Giovanni Rinaldi

Feature-lenght documentary on the Singers of Carpino, an old tradition of Christian music, written and directed by my father Giovanni Rinaldi.

Feature film 2012
I was the Visual Effects Supervisor for

Henry, feature film by Alessandro Piva

I was the Visual FX Supervisor for this Italian noir feature film, directed by Alessandro Piva. I worked closely with the post-production team, and my work ranged from adding blood spatters to removing unwanted shadows and reflections.

Animation 2012
I made an animated commercial for

Strophes by Alfredo Delli Bovi

Strophes was a great OS X app to read lyrics of your favorite songs, developed by Alfredo Delli Bovi and designed by Gordon Irving. This little commercial was entirely created in Apple Motion.

Video 2013
I wrote, directed and edited

Io, Bologna dipendente

Io, Bologna dipendente is a short mockumentary I wrote, directed and edited. It won the first prize at the competition Next Step: Bologna. I wrote it in a few minutes and we shot it in a few hours.

Video 2013
I was the co-author of

La mia Vodafone Smart Pass

La mia Vodafone SMART Pass is a short commercial I realized for a contest by Vodafone / Userfarm, with the help of Daniele Bisceglia. 5th prize winner.

Podcast 2013
I co-hosted

Pausa Caffè

I hosted the show for the EasyPodcast Network with Diego Petrucci and Federico Travaini. It was a great and unusual experience, and certainly one that gave me a lot of confidence.

Animation 2011
I made an animated intro for

Saggiamente by Maurizio Natali

It's one of Italy's most popular tech blogs, one that I've been following almost since it's beginning. I made the intro for its videos in Apple Motion.